Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Camera Photometry Guide

A student in an AAVSO CCD school program 

The downloadable PDF of the AAVSO Guide to CCD Photometry is a basic introduction and guide to using CCDs to perform photometry of variable stars. This manual is for beginner- to intermediate-level CCD observers interested in learning what photometry is and why it is important, through how to perform variable star photometry and submit data to the AAVSO. Advanced CCD users who have not done any photometry may also find this helpful.

You can use a backyard telescope to obtain astrophysically useful data that matches the quality of data produced by professional astronomers, using the same principles and techniques that are used at larger research observatories around the world.

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The Guide to CCD Photometry is also available in the following languages:

The Photometry Forum is also a valuable learning resource: it is a question and discussion board of other CDD photometry observers.

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