mu.Cep (SR) = MU CEP (DCEP and SR) = MIU CEP (SR)

Tue, 12/31/2019 - 17:44


There is some inconvenience in the AAVSO observation database: the same star has different names and different "sets" of observers! This brings some confusion! I suggest that the database administrator transfer all observations from MU CEP to MIU CEP observations. In addition, when entering the name of a star into the field for sending observations, it is desirable to have a reminder that the MU CEP is correct to write the MIU Cep.

However, in VSX MU Cep it's a completely different star!  RA =22 23 38.60 DEC = +57 40 51.1 (DCEP) from 12.7 - 14.1 p. Then how do the observers introduce observations for cepheid (not a semi-regulating star)? How do I view MU Cep cep observations in the AAVSO database? This is very serious confusion and needs to be investigated. 

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
miu Cep versus MU Cep and Greek-letter star names

Hi Ivan,

Yes, there can be confusion between μ (mu) Cep and MU Cep. To avoid that confusion, the AAVSO International Database requests observers to use the name 'miu Cep' for the Greek-letter star. VSX  name options for this star include 'miu Cep', 'mu. Cep', and '* mu Cep', among others.

I have moved the miu Cep observations from MU Cep to the miu Cep file. Thank you for reminding us to check the data on those stars - we had not done it for a while so it was on our list for January, and now it is done. It is a good feeling to have completed a task so early in the new year!

We have the same issue with miu Cen and MU Cen, and with niu Pav and NU Pav, and we keep an eye on those datasets as well.

For an article on Greek-letter stars and the AAVSO International Database and why we request the use of miu, please visit this link:

Good observing,