Strategic Plan Fundraising Campaign

AAVSO Strategic Plan Fundraising Campaign

The AAVSO recently completed a two-year strategic plan with clear and ambitious goals to help enhance the experience of our members and the impact we have on the scientific community. Our future will be built on the three pillars on the right.

Your support will help us secure the necessary resources to move forward. We hope you will be inspired to continue to be engaged and support our work towards these goals. Read more of what your donations support here. Philanthropic donations are instrumental for improving all aspects of the work we do*.

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Or, send a check with a donation form to:


49 Bay State Rd,

Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Thank you for being in our corner!

*USA residents: For AAVSO members who do not have enough itemized deductions to their tax returns to deduct charitable contributions, included in one of the COVID-19 relief packages was a provision letting everyone claim charitable deductions up to $300.

For 2020 only, you can deduct up to $300 in charitable contributions. Depending on your tax bracket, this could save you up to $111 in taxes. You would have to make a contribution before December 31, 2020.