AAVSO Annual Campaign 2019 – Cultivating the Future


Reach for the stars by participating in the AAVSO 2019 Annual Fundraising Campaign! Your generous contribution will support the AAVSO today and nurture the next generation of star gazers. 

This year’s goal is $100,000. Thanks to the generous contributions of two anonymous donors, we have already secured matching fund pledges totaling $50,000. For every dollar you give, we will receive another one from our match donors. Act today to double the value of your donation and help us reach our 2019 Annual Campaign goal!

While our endowment covers about 65% of our annual budget, we are in critical need of your support to enable us to continue our current work and expand our activities for the future. The AAVSO is a leading Citizen Astronomy organization. Your contribution lets anyone, anywhere in the world participate in scientific discovery through variable star astronomy.

Make a donation today:

Mail your check to the below address: Click the Donate Button below:

AAVSO Annual Campaign
49 Bay State Road
Cambridge MA 02138
United States

Please note: To save your details for later will require you to open a PayPal account. If you do not wish to have a PayPal account you can still donate but cannot save your details.

Here’s where your money is going:

  •  Cultivating young members  This is critically important to our future. AAVSO programs and services will give young people the skills they need to make important contributions to our understanding of the universe;
  • Curating and keeping up-to-date the AAVSO International Database – a repository of more than 38 million observations collected by our observers over the past 100 years;
  • Maintaining and updating state of the art software tools such as VPHOT, VSTAR and VSP, which enable citizen astronomers like you observe the night sky and participate in scientific projects;
  • The International Variable Star Index, the world’s leading database to help track updated information on newly-discovered and old-time favorite variable stars;
  • Training for people to become better star observers, analysts, writers, researchers, and advocates though CHOICE (Carolyn Hurless Online Institute for Continuing Education) courses and our manuals;
  • Journal of the AAVSO, a refereed research publication, and AAVSO Communications, which keeps you up on alerts and breaking astronomy news;
  • Meetings and workshops on variable stars and other stellar topics.

 Together we are Cultivating the Future of the AAVSO  Your support will ensure that the AAVSO will be here today and for the next generation of citizen astronomers. Thank you for your continuous support!

Best wishes – clear skies,

Stella Kafka
AAVSO Director

Gordon Myers
AAVSO President