How to automatically generate several light curves?

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Fri, 09/04/2020 - 06:11


I belive it is easies to decribe what I want rather than pose a question: 

I want to monitor about 20 stars in an easy way. My idea is to create a sort of "dashboard" where I can have lightcurves for them, automatically updated when the page refreshes. 

So I am imagining that what I'd need is a link that retrievs a particular lightcurve from the LightCurve generator without the need for me to manually enter any data. And I can have one such link per star. 

And then I create a web page where these lightcurves are embedded. 

Is there a way to do this? Any ressources I can look at? Creating web pages and handling html-code is not a problem for me, just finding the way to retrieve the data and curve from the LightCurve generator. 


Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSAU)
How to automatically generate several light curves?

Hi Magnus

It may be possible via a REST web service but you can do this by scripting VStar. For example, assuming the following is in a file called aid_load_LC_save.js:

root = "/Users/david/tmp/"

objs = ["RS Oph", "T Pyx"]

fromJDs = [2454852, 2454852]

toJDs = [2455852, 2455852]

for (i=0;i<objs.length;i++) {

vstar.loadFromAID(objs[i], fromJDs[i], toJDs[i])


path = root + objs[i].replace(" ", "_") + ".png"

vstar.saveLightCurve(path, 600, 400)



you could run the following command from a Linux/Mac shell:

./ --script aid_load_LC_save.js

The VStar window will open, run the script, then exit. In this case, two files would be saved:

  • /Users/david/tmp/RS_Oph.png
  • /Users/david/tmp/T_Pyx.png

For Windows, VStar.bat could be used.

VStar's scripting API also allows phase plots, period analysis and other operations to be carried out programmatically. See also the user manual.