AAVSO Publication Subscriptions

All pricing information for 2021 is available here (pdf)

For new subscribers: The following AAVSO publications are available on a yearly subscription basis.  The subscription period is from January 1–December 31. Payment is due by January 1. For more information or to subscribe to any of our publications, please contact the AAVSO.

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The Journal of the AAVSO (JAAVSO)
Contains refereed research articles on variable stars and other topics relevant to the AAVSO, mostly written by AAVSO members. Approx. 100-200 pages. Published June 15th and December 15th of each year.
Note: To order a printed copy of an earlier Journal, please see this page.

AAVSO Solar Bulletin
Contains information on and photos of solar activity, including sunspots and solar flares.
Approx. 10 pages. Published bewteen the 11th and 16th of each month.

AAVSO Publication Package
Includes a one-year subscription to each of the following publications:
  • Journal of the AAVSO (see above)
  • AAVSO Solar Bulletin (see above)
  • AAVSO Annual Report: Describes the activities of the AAVSO over the past fiscal year, and provides general information about the organization. (Page length varies.)
  • PLEASE NOTE: The AAVSO Newsletter/Bulletin has been discontinued


*Please note: Please allow three weeks (four to six weeks for international subscribers) from the publication date before submitting a claim for a missing issue . Publication dates are subject to delay.