SDSS J001153.08-064739.1

Special Notice #307: Observations crucial tonight for SDSS J001153.08-064739.1

November 8, 2012: The HST COS far ultraviolet observations of the dwarf nova SDSS J001153.08-064739.1 have been scheduled for 2012 November 9 20:42:29 UT through November 10 04:57:33 UT (AAVSO Special Notice #304).

Your observations from tonight are crucial to confirm whether the target is at minimum (which it must be for HST to observe it).

Coordinates:  R.A. 00 11 53.08     Dec. -06 47 39.2     (2000.0)

Special Notice #304: HST COS observations of SDSS J001153.08-064739.1 scheduled

October 31, 2012:  Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 471 (Gaensicke, Patterson, and Henden) and AAVSO Special Notice #298, the HST COS (Cosmic Origins Spectrograph) far ultraviolet observations of THE NEXT TARGET from the list, the dwarf nova-type cataclysmic variable

                           SDSS J001153.08-064739.1,