AAVSO Observer Code
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Full Name
Tim Claydon
Courtice, ON, CA
Background/Interesting Fact
I hold a Commerce undergrad and Master of Education degree, and teach in post-secondary Business and IT experiential learning programs. My interests have always been varied, and I have a passion for STEM education, in particular astronomy outreach! I first got my feet wet in Astrophotography in 2009 when I purchased a CGEM and 8" SCT. Since then, I have moved on to better equipment, and more advanced interests including photometry and spectroscopy using modified DSLR's. I am very new to these fields! This past Summer, I built my first permanent pier and 'Motel o Scope' enclosure, with remote PC and cabling to become an indoor astro-imager. I am greatly looking forward to exploring the AAVSO courses to expand my knowledge.